House of food waste

910,000 tonnes of food goes to waste from London households every year. Our Small Change, Big Difference campaign aimed to raise awareness of the impact of the city’s food waste which, if sent to landfill, would be responsible for releasing 420,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Our House of Food Waste video was created to highlight the fact that well over half of all food waste produced in the UK every year comes from households and kicks off a week of activity across twelve boroughs throughout the capital. Fifteen London boroughs supported the cause by hosting numerous events including workshops and cookery demonstrations, to help residents reduce their food waste and encourage them to recycle food waste in their council collection and eat more sustainably. Why not take a look at some of our tips and tricks?


All of the food leftover from the installation was donated to London charity City Harvest, where it was redistributed to organisations that feed people in need, as well as offered to residents of the street.


Fancy cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Small Change Big Difference are hosting some free pop up cookery classes across London.

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