You don’t need to go bananas in order to reduce waste and eat healthily, we are on hand with some more small changes that will make a difference in your kitchen.

  • Recycle your banana peel

    1/2 a recycled banana peel could generate enough electricity to charge an iPod/iPhone/smartphone.

  • Keep your caddy clean

    Add newspaper or kitchen roll to the bottom of the caddy to keep it clean.

  • Recycle your teabags

    Recycling just 6 teabags creates enough energy to boil the kettle to make another cuppa.

  • The power of teabags

    35 recycled teabags would power a TV for an hour.

  • Freeze your eggs!

    Did you know you can freeze eggs? Simply crack them into a bowl and either separate or whisk together.

  • Food waste sent to landfills

    Food waste that is sent to landfill doesn’t harmlessly breakdown. It has a big impact on the environment as it rots and releases harmful greenhouse gases.

  • Use a container as a caddy in your kitchen

    Any container can act as a caddy in your kitchen, so long as you place it in the correct council container outside your property.

  • Did you know…

    Did you know you can recycle, bones, eggshells, teabags and coffee grounds?

  • What do with opened bag of lettuce?

    Once opened, lettuce can be kept fresher and crunchier for longer by placing in a tub with kitchen roll.

  • Why you should use canned fruit in your cooking

    Try canned fruit and veg in your cooking - packed with vitamins and last longer.

  • Celery hack!

    Perk up celery by putting it in a cool glass of water in the fridge.

  • Recycle your food into compost

    Recycling your FOOD waste creates compost that can be used in local community parks and gardens. It can also be sold to local farmers.