Food that’s good for your body is often good for the environment too.

Beans, pulses, fruit and vegetables aren’t just packed full of the nutrients we need, they’re good for the planet too. These lean, green foods require less intensive farming to produce, generally have a lower water footprint than animal products and keep our hearts ticking over.

And eating less meat doesn’t mean missing out on protein: up your intake of beans and pulses and you’ll be getting loads of low-fat protein inside you, as well as fibre, vitamins and minerals. They count towards your five a day too!
Reducing our meat intake also helps our pockets – for instance by making a lamb curry last across two nights by bulking it up with a can of protein-rich chickpeas.

Eating healthier foods gives us a double-whammy – like going to the gym and taking out the recycling at the same time. Whether it’s bulking up our food with veg and pulses, or doing meat-free Mondays - everybody wins.