Food’s not rubbish

We all love food! After all, we can’t live without it. But sometimes, good food goes to waste – when it could be being turned into electricity or compost, just by recycling it. We think it’s about time food got the respect it deserves. Here are some simple ideas to make the small changes that will lead to big differences. Ideas that are good for the environment, our bodies and our wallets. Let’s go bananas!

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  • Recycle your banana peel

    1/2 a recycled banana peel could generate enough electricity to fully charge an iPod/iPhone/smartphone.

  • Keep your caddy clean

    Add newspaper or kitchen roll to the bottom of the caddy to keep it clean.

  • Recycle your teabags

    Recycling just 6 teabags creates enough energy to boil the kettle to make another cuppa.

  • The power of teabags

    35 recycled teabags would power a TV for an hour.

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