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Veg Power Campaign

The Veg Power campaign is encouraging children in the UK to eat more veg

Veg Power - all your Vitamin A powered by a carrot a day

Veg Power is a collaborative campaign that is shining a spotlight on the lack of advertising spend for veg and is calling for a different approach: The Veg Ad Fund aims to harness the joint power of all those that benefit from veg consumption – farmers, retailers, restaurants and government.

Poor diet is now the greatest threat to health and well-being in the UK and yet only 1.2% of food and drink advertising is being spent on promoting vegetables to children. In fact, a recent study by the Food Foundation showed that a shocking 95.5% of children aged 11-16 aren’t eating enough vegetables.

Find out more about the campaign, download resources and get more information on the Veg Ad Fund here: