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Food Waste recycling – our top tips

Did you know that if everyone in London recycled one banana skin today, we could turn that into enough energy to charge 16, 616, 738 mobile phones? And that if each one of us recycled just one potato peel, that could be turned into enough compost to grow 1, 384, 728 brand new potatoes? Impressive, right?

Not all of us live in an area with a food waste recycling service (something which will hopefully change in the coming years!) but for those of us that do, we’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you recycle more:

Any container can act as a food waste caddy in your kitchen, so long as you place your food waste into your council-provided container outside.

Line your caddy with newspaper or kitchen roll to help keep it clean.

Empty your caddy regularly to keep smells at a minimum.

Use lemon or essential oils to keep your caddy smelling fresh.

You can recycle bones, egg shells and coffee grounds!